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Here are just a few of the photos from the February 15 edition of the Chronicle. See below for our top stories. For all our stories, subscribe for print or online

collector's fair wrestler

Mason Owen from East Burke displays professional wrestling action figures, cards, and other memorabilia at the Collector's Fair in Orleans on Sunday.   Photo by Brad Usatch

WEBs ice-out penguin

A cheery plywood penguin marks the spot where this year's Crystal Lake Ice-Out contest will take place.   Photo by Elizabeth Trail

WEBs newport antique store doll cmyk

Alura Lapierre cradles a doll dating from the 1800s that was made by Armand Marseille. When fully restored, the figure will be the spitting image of Marie Antoinette.   Photo by Joseph Gresser

WEBs wireless mesh peel

Diane Peel shows one of the routers that will be used to create Newports wireless mesh system.   Photo by Joseph Gresser


Top Stories

Task force nabs 26 in heroin sweep

Lake House forced to defend itself

Coventry Selectmen will air town’s problems

“Mesh” may provide low-cost Internet connection

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